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Lightweight Air Cushion Sneakers for women | #WEIRDO

Lightweight Air Cushion Sneakers for women | #WEIRDO

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Check out these awesome lightweight, colorful sneakers for women! These air cushion sneakers from our #WEIRDO collection have eggplants printed all over the sneakers and have colorful soles to color up your feet even more!

#WEIRDO fashion collection from our PROUD TO BE ME brand. We support the weirdos!


Puncture-Proof midsole.
Reliable anti collision safety shoes.
All-day comfort, walking smoothly and comfortably.


#WEIRDO | Measure your feet!#WEIRDO | Size chart for you weirdos for our lightweight cushion sneakers

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It takes 20-22 business days for these boots to arrive at your place.

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