#WEIRDO | This is me banner. I am a weirdo. This weirdo invented this weird shit.

How it began..

It started as a pet name for me and my (now) imaginary boyfriend. We recognised the weirdo in each other. We talked conspiracy theories and did some pretty weird spiritual shit together. It was AWESOME! Weirdo was like saying; 'Wow, you are so amazing,' or 'omg, did you really do that?' Always expressing it with a twinkle in our eyes. Can you feel the love?

How it feels..

So, i know how it can feel to be a weirdo. When you have ‘different’ thoughts or believes, then ‘normal’, you can be labeled as a weirdo. While actually we are SO AMAZING for being true to ourselves! Let’s stay weird! I'm here to motivate you and hopefully make you feel comfortable in expressing your weirdness. Cause i know this can be so hard..


Our goal is to bring you weirdos together, to unite, and start a WEIRDO fan club! We are our biggest fans! Weirdos are everywhere and with our apparel, you can not only express your inner weirdo, but also attract other weirdos! It’s a great conversation starter for the weirdo who sees you in your weird outfit. My wish for you is to be you. :-)

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